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What did westinghouse invent westinghoues the first illuminated tennis court, lit by 1, bulbs. A tireless inventor and businessman, Westinghouse designed an air brake that made rail travel safer, and his promotion of an alternating current system revolutionized the power industry. First, To War George Westinghouse was instrumental in increasing the safety of the American railroad system and encouraging the growth of the transportation industry.

George Westinghouse was a prolific inventor who influenced the course of history by promoting the use of electricity for power and transportation. He enabled the growth of railroads through his inventions. As an industrial manager, Westinghouse's influence on history is considerable -- he formed and directed more than 60 what did westinghouse invent to market his and others' inventions diid his lifetime. His electric company became one of the greatest electric manufacturing organizations in the U.What did westinghouse invent remained productive and inventive almost all his life. The British engineer Charles Algernon Parsons began experimenting with steam turbines inbeginning with a horsepower 7. Westinghouse saw the potential in alternating current as an electricity distribution system in the early s and put all his resources into developing and marketing it, a move that put his business in direct competition with the Edison direct current system.